At Guidant, were all about empowering entrepreneurs. Our belief is that should have equal opportunity to live the American Dream for those who need help getting there, we’re pleased to provide the necessary financing education and resources to create the life they want.

Definition of an Entrepreneur
entrepreneur: [on-tra-pren-ur] Someone who takes the initiative and assumes the risk of an enterprise, venture or idea in order to grow capital.

Fuel the American Dream through entrepreneurship.

Guidant Financial Mission
To increase the number of people who succeed in small business.

Guidant Administration Mission
Increase the number of people who succeed in self-directed investing.

Many new franchise owners and entrepreneurs have used Guidant’s iFinance to purchase or recapitalize their franchise business. By simply rolling an existing IRA or 401(k) funds into Guidant’s iFinance, they can own a portion of a franchise inside their retirement plan… without tax penalties!

Guidant’s iFinance allows clients to invest in a franchise operation they control while significantly affecting its value. With Guidant’s iFinance clients can lower their business overhead, by making an investment in their franchise instead of getting a loan. iFinance allows clients to:

  • Utilize funds from retirement accounts like IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Keoghs, SEPs, etc., without incurring early distribution taxes or penalties
  • Make a strong investment into their business through your retirement funds
  • Launch or recapitalize their franchise with minimal (if any) debt
  • Provide the equity for the down payment necessary if clients are using an SBA loan
  • Save thousands in interest fees and protect their personal credit
  • Maintain a strong employee benefit for their ongoing business
  • Position clients for faster success!


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