How to Improve Customer Service at Your Retail Franchise

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Every customer experience at your retail franchise that leaves a customer feeling genuinely welcome and cared-after ups the odds that each customer you encounter will implicitly trust you again in the future. Converting curious visitors into loyal regulars will begin with intimately understanding their needs from the start, remembering and anticipating their tastes when they come back and taking no step in any transaction for granted. This sort of process takes time and sincere personal attention to overall satisfaction, but the reputation you quickly build will set you apart and above your competitors with a clear edge in reputably consistent service.

Understand Your Customers

Serving any customer begins with understanding their needs. You and your associates can begin honing this process before anyone even walks through your doors. This process is based initially on diligent research to define exactly to whom you want your retail franchise’s experience to appeal. However, it also extends to being unafraid to get to know each customer and gain even more ongoing insight by asking the right questions about their needs. When tailoring your store’s experience to the customer demographics you value most, there is no such thing as having too much information from first-hand encounters at your disposal. Properly storing and using this data can also do wonders for creating successful sales and promotions, getting customers to return, and improving the overall experience.

Update Point of Sale Software

According to Celerant, handling sales volume is among the top challenges facing retailers, and POS software can make or break the customer experience. One size will not necessarily fit all stores. A system that breaks down when your store’s traffic surpasses what it was built to handle can grind transactions to a halt and force customers to associate their experience with inefficiency and frustration. In the best scenario, wisely chosen POS software will smoothly accept credit cards, cash and cardless payments while perpetually keeping products stocked and employees up to date on your store’s most recent shifts and changes. These tools can cut costs and boost sales with every transaction until they ultimately pay for themselves.

More Speed, Less Friction

According to Impact, your employees should take heed of the need for speed. Your customers will typically want what they want immediately. The more diligently you base your service on providing the most immediate and gratifying assistance possible, the less time customers will spend tracking down the items goods they need and waiting in line to pay. You can reduce various frictions slowing the purchase process down by training staff to move customers as seamlessly as possible through the store once they make a decision. It’s the kind of smooth, efficient immediacy expected among competing online merchants, but you can orchestrate a uniquely enjoyable experience by combining service with a sense of urgency alongside valuable hands-on impressions of merchandise.

Improving retail customer service isn’t easy, but it can be simple. Take the time to grasp your customers’ needs with a combination of dedicated market research and getting to know them through their shopping experiences. Maintain POS software that speeds up the checkout process while managing perpetual inventory and tracking purchase trends. Finally, never waste an opportunity to speed up the path to purchase from the time a customer walks through the door to the moment they step up to the point of sale. These are the building blocks of a shop first-time visitors will leave looking forward to visiting again.

If you need more help with your retail franchise, contact me for a strategy call!

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