How to Keep Customers and Employees Safe While Doing Business During COVID-19

We are living in unprecedented times. The world has experienced pandemics before, but it has never experienced this kind of response to them. People are more worried about their safety than ever. They are also extremely concerned about their financial well-being. As a manager or business owner, you have a responsibility to your customers and your employees. Regardless of your personal beliefs about the pandemic, you should be taking precautions to ensure safety.

Offer Pickup Options

Offering curbside pickup lets you run your business while keeping customers and employees safe. While this may require a change in your workflow, it can become very efficient. Have your customers place their orders online or over the phone. Put signs outside your business with a number for customers to text or call when they arrive. You can then send an employee outside with the order and place it on the hood of the car. The employee can then retreat inside the building without coming into contact with the customer. This type of service is very comforting for those at high risk of dying from COVID-19.

Encourage Mask Wearing

As state and federal restrictions relax, you might be able to start having customers back inside your business. As you do so, it’s a good idea to encourage mask wearing. You can require that your employees wear masks, and you might even be able to refuse service to customers without them. This however can rub some customers the wrong way. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand firm to your safety measures, just be aware that they may not be appreciated by all. By wearing masks, you won’t be eliminating the spread of COVID-19, but you can slow it down. Masks help filter water vapor from the air we breathe in and out. This water vapor can often contain viruses if an infected person has been in the area recently.

Work from Home

By far the very best way to keep customers and employees safe is if you can serve them remotely. If your business allows your employees to work from home, they should. Now, just because your business requires employees on the business premises does not mean that everyone needs to be there. You can keep the essential employees, and have the others work remotely. You can even have people come into the office on shifts.

With all the different voices screaming to be heard about COVID-19, it can be difficult to tell what’s really going on. It’s important to realize that there are some things that we can afford to be wrong about, and some things that we can’t. Safety isn’t something you can afford to be wrong about.

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