How Your Franchise Can Push Forward and Help Customers During Challenging Times

The COVID-19 crisis has changed our daily lives as we know it. For franchisees, this means buckling down and assisting customers through this difficult time. As a franchise leader during this time, it’s a good idea to offer deals and promotions, go live on social media, and answer customer emails personally to help your customers feel a sense of normalcy during this abnormal period.

Offer Deals and Promotions

Free trials are a great way to encourage long-term customers. For example, Noggin has extended its free trial from 7 days to 60 days to engage young children’s learning at home while schools are closed. There are several benefits of offering a free trial to current and potential customers during challenging times. Parents will see the extended Noggin free trial as a great courtesy. Watching their child(ren) play and learn on the Noggin app for the duration of the quarantine may encourage parents to pay the $7.99 per month fee to access all of Noggin’s features forever. In general, free trials carry several advantages for the client and your franchise. The client can get a free experience of what the service would be like for an allotted time. He or she can learn the ins and outs of the service to see if regular use of it on a daily or weekly basis would be beneficial to him or her. For your franchise, a potential regular customer could be born from offering a free trial. If the customer cancels the free trial and does not purchase the service, at least he or she has been exposed to the experience and may take advantage of the service at a later date.

Go Live on Social Media

Keep customers encouraged with live streams. During this quarantine, the only people clients will see in person are the individuals that already live with them at home. If a client lives alone, he or she could experience loneliness from not socializing with others as much. Going live on social media will connect you and your customers during this difficult time. Make sure to mention your Offers page every time you go live to keep your customers updated on how they can enjoy your services and save money while doing it. Many people are out of jobs during this quarantine, so they appreciate any way companies help them to save money.

Maybe say some words of encouragement, like your franchise is here for all your customers. Tell them how you are here to help. Review how you plan to keep customers and employees safe during the quarantine. Regularly going live will update customers on information they need from you to continue staying loyal clients to your franchise.

Answer Customer Emails Personally

Personability builds credibility. Have yourself and a small team of your employees take the time to answer customer emails personally. Taking the time to do this shows that your company cares about customer relations, especially during this worldwide crisis. Going this extra mile will continually create loyal clients to your franchise. Franchises and businesses can continue to thrive even during the COVID-19 crisis. Remain authentic and always remember to put the customer ahead of the franchise’s profitability. Placing the customers on a pedestal will create financial profitability in the long run. The more you vary your deals and promotions, update your customers on live social media streams, and answer client emails regularly, the more of a loyal client base you will build over time. Here’s another article you might like: How to Improve Customer Service at Your Retail Franchise

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