Here is what a few people have said:-

Testimonial.gifAs a Business owner /CEO for more than 35 years, I decided to enter the arena as a Franchise Broker instead of choosing to retire. Phyllis Pieri trained me in the lead source methods, did an incredible job in getting me acclimated to know my brands and has since training introduced me to many valuable resources throughout the Franchise Industry. Affiliate, John Herman 

When you first introduced me to the company I picked I wasn’t sure it was the right business for me but the more I looked into it, the more I liked it. Thanks so much for encouraging me to continue looking because I have found the perfect business for me and our family. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks Phyllis Franchise Owner, Tennessee

Dear Phyllis,
As you know, I’ve been an entrepreneur and independent contractor for over a quarter century. The idea of owning a franchise and the potential loss of control/decision making that goes with that arrangement was something I’ve avoided for a long time. But with a goal of building something quickly and producing income immediately, I decided to explore the franchise market once again and so, with trepidation, I contacted you at Your Franchise Coach and one other franchise match-makers.

The other match-maker asked me about me about my background, reviewed my history and then put me in touch with a couple of franchisors. From that point on, I never heard from them again even though I was clearly interested in one of their referrals. In comparing that company with the service provided by you, they should really call themselves a referral service rather than match maker as all they did was provide me with a list of names of whoever was willing to pay them a referral fee.

By comparison, your profiling of me and my needs was so thorough, that when I received your recommendations, every one of them was something I could see myself doing successfully. And then, instead of vanishing as if your work was done, you essentially held my hand and provided your expertise to guide me through the evaluation and matching process. With our weekly calls, it soon became apparent that City Wide was the best match for me and on the 14th of this month; we signed the papers to become a franchise holder.

I told the president of City Wide, your input and recommendations were invaluable and I don’t believe this would have come together without your service. As I look forward to what I believe to be a long and profitable relationship with City Wide, I want to thank you for being my personal yenta Franchise Owner, CA 

For anyone out there that needs expert advice on finding a franchise or starting a business, Phyllis is one of the more knowledgeable franchise consultants in the business. She has years of experience with multiple franchise concepts and has worked with literally hundreds of professionals over the years assisting them in deciding whether or not they should be in their own business, and if so, what type of business they should be in and leverages their skill set. In my opinion, you want someone like Phyllis on your team assisting you to walk through the mind field of finding the right business and someone that will always tell it like it is and not garnish the truth for personal gain. Marvin L Storm, Managing Director, Blackstone Hathaway

Phyllis is passionate about matching the right business opportunity with the right person. She’s in business for the long run and takes special care to understand the motivations and aspirations of her clients to ensure a successful match. Suzanne Harrison, Executive Director of Sales, Fisher Interactive Network (business partner)

Phyllis is one of the most knowledgeable and honest people I know. She is extremely professional and a wealth of knowledge. If you are looking for a consultant, of information about franchising, or owning your own franchise Phyllis is a wonderful source. Matt Merrick, VP of Franchise Development, Fish Window Cleaning Services (business partner)

Phyllis is a very dedicated professional and hard working executive. I have worked with her for over a decade. She pays attention to detail and has wonderful customer service skills. I would recommend her highly. Sheri Bercaw, President, Sir Speedy

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